Established in 1946, Marchesan S/A is the leading manufacturer of Farm Equipment in the Southern Hemisphere. The TATU MARCHESAN is placed around an area with 805,000 square meters with test performance fields and a modern foundry installations. The Marchesan – Tatu quality products are exported to countries in Latin America, North America and many other countries where subtropical farming technology is required. Our products are designed to meet customer´s requirements by extensive know-how of product engineering, flexible manufacturing plant with modern an efficient equipments and diversified farming project experience.

Product Details

The Tatu PS Post Hole Digger, is ideal for construction work, tree planting, reforesting and fence post hole drilling.

The Tatu Marchesan tractor lift mounted post hole digger is one of Valtrac's best sellers. Planting trees, erecting a fence or just digging holes has never been this quick, easy and accurate. And with Tatu's reputation for strength and durability - the PS will keep you digging holes for many years.

It can be fitted to nearly any tractor as long as it has a PTO and a category II three point lift.

  • Capable of drilling 90 to 120 holes/hour.
  • Supplied with 9”, 12” and 18” auger diameter.
  • Auger with replaceable drill bit and heat treated high carbon wear tip.
  • Exclusive drill self alignment system to point the drill in the vertical position.
  • Mounted on 3-point hitch, category II.

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