Established in 1946, Marchesan S/A is the leading manufacturer of Farm Equipment in the Southern Hemisphere. The TATU MARCHESAN is placed around an area with 805,000 square meters with test performance fields and a modern foundry installations. The Marchesan – Tatu quality products are exported to countries in Latin America, North America and many other countries where subtropical farming technology is required. Our products are designed to meet customer´s requirements by extensive know-how of product engineering, flexible manufacturing plant with modern an efficient equipments and diversified farming project experience.

Product Details
  • The GAT-G has special features to move cargo on the ranch.
  • The tires alleviates the tractor’s hydraulic lift, operating with safety and greater efficiency.
  • Using the four tip hooks for bulk seed and fertilizer bags.
  • The parking stand keeps the hoist in the vertical position, making easy hitching to the tractor.

Max height (mm)
Max load capacity (kg)
Height of the tower (mm)
Wide among wheels (mm)
11L -15
Net Weight (kg)

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